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1940 5 7
1941 13 13
1942 5 9
1943 3 3
1944 5 6
1945 9 9
1946 3 4
1947 14 14
1948 22 23
1949 19 158
1960 129 613
1961 150 599
1962 129 197
1963 129 554
1964 191 685
1965 206 770
1966 260 742
1967 238 287
1968 223 685
1969 169 187
2010 10 11
2011 16 16
2012 14 15
2013 7 7
2014 2 2
2015 4 4
2016 1 1
2017 4 4

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Wyandotte History
and Quiverian Yearbooks

Now you can get the entire history of Wyandotte High School (1886-2005) and all years of the Quiverian Yearbook on CD-ROM (now in PDF format). Cost is $5 plus $4 postage. Half of the proceeds goes back to Big Red.

Contact our school Historian Craig Delich for more info.
History of Wyandotte High School

Wyandotte originally existed as a school in several forms and locations. First it was as the old Riverview Grade School and 7th and Pacific from 1886-1887. Then it was the Palmer Academy building between 6th & 7th and Minnesota from 1888-1898. Next it was located at 9th and Minnesota and called Kansas City High School. Kansas City High School was built in 1899. The school's name was officially changed to Wyandotte High School on January 3, 1928. Wyandotte HS stood at 9th and Minnesota until it was destroyed by fire in March 1934.

After the fire, the new Wyandotte High School was built at 25th & Minnesota under President Franklin D Roosevelt's WPA Plan. It was completed in 1937 at a cost of $2 million. The new building could house 3,000 students in 85 classrooms and could provide a staff of 90 faculty members. The new gym could seat 1,900 and the new auditorium 1,800.

Interesting Facts:
In 1939, Wyandotte had its first and only ice hockey team. They had a four game schedule and lost all four games. The players had to wear the school's football jerseys, helmets and pads.

Wyandotte has two towers. They were given names by Principal J.F. Wellemeyer. The West Tower represented knowledge while the East Tower represented character.

Wyandotte's campus sits on 22 acres that was once owned by the US Army and used to train World War I soldiers.

The name of the school did not appear on the building until the Class of 1965 took it on as a project.

The Class of 1983 became the first freshman class since the 1950's at Wyandotte. That year enrollment for the school surged to 1,800 students.

The tradition of King Louie Night began in 1979.

December 4, 1985 - Wyandotte High School approved by the Kansas historic Sites Board of Review for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Listed in the Register of Historic Kansas Places.

The school auditorium, like the building itself, was designed in Indian motif. Four workers fell to their death during construction of the auditorium's ceiling, and they are immortalized by four walking figures above the lighted vases to either side of the stage.

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