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Carol (Wright) McGhan   
Wyandotte High School - Class of 1973

Member since August 21, 2005.
Currently living in Sitka, AK.

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13 years in Southeast Alaska. If you are on a cruise boat that stops, let me know!

Q: Current Relationship Status?
A: Married. Jerry fishes. Has really figured out the Alaska crab, shrimp, salmon, and halibut. Did I mention I'm fat.
Q: Any Children?
A: Two step sons, Jeff and Jason. Grandson turned 16. I was responsible for teaching parallel parking. Of course he failed!
Q: Any Pets?
A: Adopted a German Shepherd mix that some guy starved to 48 pounds. Today he weighs 120. Sweet dog, and now spoiled rotten. He has us trained almost the way he wants us.
Q: Military History?
No answer given.
Q: Work History?
A: Teacher, drug rep, volunteer teacher, thrift store volunteer, zoo volunteer, manicurist, esthetician.
Q: Any post-Wyandotte education?
A: K-State. A few other classes mostly for personal gain.
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Took a pysanky (Ukrainian Egg) class at the Strawberry Hill Museum in KCK. They created a total monster.
Q: Favorite Movie(s) or type of movies?
A: Suspense/Thrillers
Q: Favorite type of music?
A: Can't give up Motown. There is only one radio station here and I am not fond of NPR diatribe interspersed with banjo music.
Q: Favorite High School Memory?
A: I really enjoy reading what everyone is up to now. So write something at least once a year!
Alaska wildlife boat tours
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Last Visit: 9/26/2017

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