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Sunday, May 29, 2016   86 Classes | 5,650 Alumni registered out of 14,993
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Total Alumni 5,650
This Month 9
This Year 46

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Missing Alumni Header

There are currently 118 lost or missing alumni for the Wyandotte High School Class of 1933. attempts to remain in contact with all graduates of our school. Unfortunately we are not in contact with some individuals. We rely on the lifelong friendships made at Wyandotte to help us find alumni who have moved or changed names over the years.

If you recognize someone on any of the class lists please provide us with their information (i.e. address, phone number, email address, married name) or ask them to contact us via email.

If there are people who graduated in your class and are not listed here please email the following information: First Name, Last Name (at graduation), Married Name (if she married) and Graduating Year.

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  Last Name First Name Available Info
Gable Ruth
Games Frances
Garlinghouse G.
Gee William
Geiger Ross
Gibbs Robert
Gitterman Paul
Glover Kitty
Godsey Ruby
Goldstein Fanny
Golub Joseph
Gomez Ladislada
Good Evelyn
Gosney Vance
Graham Rose
Graheck Joseph
Gray George
Gray Lenwood
Gray Walter
Grazda Stanley
Green Virginia
Green Zeffa
Greene Doris
Greenwood Maybeth
Griffith Ralph
Griffith Richard
Gromer Robert
Guilfoil William
Gulley Gladys

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